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Rosewood CHILL and CHEW MAT
£3.75 £4.50
Sold out
Wellness Gnaw Stone
Rosewood Wellness Gnaw Stone
In stock, 7 units
Save 7%
Naturals Dandelion Delight - 100g
Rosewood Naturals Dandelion Delight - 100g
£3.50 £3.75
In stock, 2 units
Apple & Strawberry Bunnies 100g
Fenugreek Crunchies -200g
Rosewood Fenugreek Crunchies -200g
In stock, 2 units
Simply Nibbles Snap 'N' Share Fruit Bars 150gSimply Nibbles Snap 'N' Share Fruit Bars 150g
Apple & Pansy Nibble Hearts 6pc
Double - Corn Rattle Rollers
Double hanging wood roll-treat
Luxury Flower, Fruit & Veg Bars (7pc)Luxury Flower, Fruit & Veg Bars (7pc)
Save 17%
Carrot Dream Catcher
Rosewood Carrot Dream Catcher
£3.75 £4.50
Only 1 unit left
Options  corner litter tray
rosewood Options corner litter tray
From £5
In stock, 4 units
Hutch cleaning tool
Rosewood Hutch cleaning tool
In stock, 3 units
Trio of Fun Balls
Rosewood Trio of Fun Balls
In stock, 9 units
Tiny-Chew TubeTiny-Chew Tube
Rosewood Tiny-Chew Tube
In stock, 2 units
Luxury 7-Herb Bars (7pc) 80gLuxury 7-Herb Bars (7pc) 80g
Save 20%
Maze-a-Log Treat Challenge
Rosewood Maze-a-Log Treat Challenge
£8 £10
In stock, 2 units
I Love Hay Cube -Medium
rosewood I Love Hay Cube -Medium
In stock, 3 units
Seagrass Fun Ball-Large
Rosewood Seagrass Fun Ball-Large
In stock, 3 units
Woven Play Tunnel- two sizesWoven Play Tunnel- two sizes
Rosewood Woven Play Tunnel- two sizes
From £16
In stock, 5 units
Only 1 unit left
Nibble 'n' Dig MeadowNibble 'n' Dig Meadow
Rosewood Nibble 'n' Dig Meadow
In stock, 2 units
Carrot 5 inch  bowl
Rosewood Carrot 5 inch bowl
In stock, 6 units
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Weave a Ball-Large
Rosewood Weave a Ball-Large
£5.75 £6
Sold out
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Natural Hard Baked Strawberry Sticks
Rabbit TUNNEL - ACTIVITY large
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Four Seasons XXL SticksFour Seasons XXL Sticks
Rosewood Four Seasons XXL Sticks
£7 £7.50
Only 1 unit left
Coop cups-Metal Clip on BowlCoop cups-Metal Clip on Bowl
Rosewood Coop cups-Metal Clip on Bowl
From £2.25
In stock, 11 units
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Woodies Caterpillar
Rosewood Woodies Caterpillar
£2.50 £3
Sold out
Save 9%
Dandelion Roll 'n' NestDandelion Roll 'n' Nest
Rosewood Dandelion Roll 'n' Nest
£10 £11
Only 1 unit left
Gnawty 'n' Nice Fruit & Veg (6pc)
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Options Mini Slicker Brush
Rosewood Options Mini Slicker Brush
£3.75 £4.25
In stock, 2 units
Woodies Play Carrots 6 pk
Double Sided Brush
Rosewood Double Sided Brush
In stock, 2 units
Save 7%
Natural Hard Baked Dandelion Sticks
Save 17%
Loofa Toss 'n' Treat Roller
Rosewood Loofa Toss 'n' Treat Roller
£6.25 £7.50
Only 1 unit left

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