About us:

Having kept rabbits and other small furries over the years, we found the choice of hays and eco-friendly beddings packed in a sustainable way to be very limited. Why so much plastic is use on such a natural products beats me.

After purchasing several bags of hay from a very well know pet store – I came to the conclusion that this was nothing better than floor scrapings, packed into a plastic bag-god knows how many months ago to sit on the shops shelf or in storage to just sweat. This hay had the most unpleasant odour and of course the bunny gang turned their noses up.

Several orders to other online stores later – the results were much the same with the choice of hays a bit restrictive and again with so much plastic packaging. The other factor was the cost of these pre -packed small bags of hay. My "Bunny gang" are excellent hay eaters and one of these pre- packed bags- if they had  agreed to eat it, was gone in one sitting. So not really cost effective and I did not want to ration their hay.

So what were we to do?

After hunting high and low we managed to find some very good hays and grasses the downside these had to be bought in bulk and although the “ bunny gang” are excellent hay eaters- even they could not chomp their way through this amount.

So the online store was launched and we are able to offer our hay and grass findings directly to you packed in eco bags with sizes suitable for all. From the one bunny living in a penthouse to a colony of bunnies living in the garden. My Rabbit stuff has got you covered.

All our hays are dry stored and hand packed to order- no plastics and no sitting on a shelf sweating. Being hand packed the hay is checked and then dust extracted. It is not processed by a machine. So as natural as possible.

We will start with three sizes: sample, medium and large. We will be expanding to a bumper bunny box of hay once we find our feet and get going.

You as bunny owners know that good quality hay is vital to your rabbits well being, this should form the bulk of your rabbits diet, we advise offering a selection of hays as having the same one day in day out can get boring. And the more they eat the better, rabbit food should be kept to a minimum – a small rabbit will only need a small measure, fresh water should be available at all times, if using a water bottle- just flick the end to check that it is working. Fresh vegetables, fruit and herbs can also be fed if your rabbits are used to them.

To complement our lovely range of Timothy hays, meadow hays and dried grasses -we have an exclusive Festuca perennis eating Rye Grass.

Our bunny gang cannot get enough of our eating hays- being very stalky, their great for back teeth wear. We hope your bunnies feel the same.

Our Eco bedding includes natural straw litter pellets, flax Loam bedding, Eco wood pulp fibre bedding. Chopped eucalyptus scented straw bedding, golden Barley Straw and our Oat Straw Chaff, which our gang just love to munch.

 We  also have a limited amount of wood shavings, in dust extracted plain and lavender; although this is processed from top quality timber production, it is not as bio degradable as our other bedding options and unfortunately some of it is supplied in plastic  packaging-although we are looking into how we can change this..

To finish the store we have an extensive range of bunny accessories, toys, treats and just plain fun.

We are your one stop bunny shop - search our huge range now- you will not be disappointed and your bunnies will love you forever.

To learn more about our carbon paw print-click here.